The Project Development Services will be performed and the Investment Programme will be realised in the City of Zagreb, Croatia.

City of Zagreb

Total PDS cost
EUR 2 000 000 (ELENA contribution EUR 1,800,000)

Project Development Services (PDS) financed by ELENA

The ELENA Technical Assistance (TA) will be used for the preparation and implementation of modernization of at least 70% of overall public lighting system in the City of Zagreb by developing a PPP public lighting documentation, including innovative financial structure, for the most energy inefficient parts of the lighting system. In addition, ELENA TA activities will be used in preparation of technical specification for modernisation of the remaining lighting system, not used in the PPP structure. External expertise is foreseen to provide technical and legal advice and support in the preparation of the Action Plan of reconstruction of public lighting system.

PDS Timeframe
January 2018 – December 2020

investment program

Investment program description
The overall objective of the RePubLEEc project is reconstruction/modernisation of public lighting in the City of Zagreb (implementation of energy efficiency measures, new energy efficient light sources and power regulation systems as well as modernization of other existing public lighting parts like poles and cables).

Investment to be mobilized
The expected investments for Street Lighting are estimated with a total investment of up to EUR 60m.

Description of the approach to implement the Investment Program

City of Zagreb as the project coordinator (final beneficiary) will manage, monitor and execute all project activities. Technical and legal support in preparation of public procurement for project documentation and works and services /PPP services will be initiated by City and executed by the subcontractors selected in according to procurement procedure. The Zagreb RePubLEEc Project will be executed in three key phases: Phase 1 – Development of City Action plan of reconstruction of public lighting system (based on detailed street lighting energy audits), preparation of tender documentation for Main Project Design (MPD); Phase 2 – Preparation of tender documentation for PPP (legal, technical and financial advice), tendering procedure for Main Project Design; Phase 3 – Tendering for private partner responsible for modernization of City of Zagreb public lighting, tendering procedure for works for reconstruction of public lighting (for those parts of the public lighting system not feasible for PPP).

Energy Efficiency – Annual total energy saved 40 GWh.

CO2 reductions – Annual total reductions of 14 400 t CO2 eq.

Leverage factor (Minimum 20) 33

The project has a high replication potential, especially in Croatia. The ELENA support contributes to a significant increase in expenditure in the priority activities of energy efficiency in the urban areas and thus contributes to implementing regional and national objectives in these sectors. The market replication potential of the project is considerable. The project is using an innovative concept for implementation of energy efficiency measures in street lighting. It is expected that lessons learned from carrying out the project in the City of Zagreb will allow other Croatian municipalities to follow a similar path.

Contract signed on 06 December 2017

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